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This page set up for Featherwest subscribers allows you to download our brand new single FREE! Well, near as damn it X. If you wish to make a donation via the "donate" button for the music on offer then we of course greatly appreciate it. It all helps our further development however it really is up to you if you want to donate or how much you wish to donate the main thing is - ENJOY.


With the first release of a fresh batch of Paul Savage (Chem 19) produced recordings in the lead up to album drop; Featherwest showcase Honey Bee an airy electronic ballad with expansive live drums, a layered metaphor of Flower - Bee symbiosis and words to an estranged partner as facade to a deeper symbolism around to Scottish indie-ref themes. The release was marked by a homecoming headline at glasgow’s headquarters of taste The Glad Cafe with David Byrne collaborator Marylin Carino

Available for streaming and download on all platfroms NOW.

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